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Family Therapy

My training and CA license in Marriage and Family Therapy enables me to provide family counseling to those experiencing one or multiple issues within the family dynamics. When conflict arises within the family due to internal or external factors, it can threaten the sense of belonging and feelings of security that other relationships outside the family may not be able to provide. A range of negative emotions and consequences can arise and cause unresolved conflict and stress. If this conflict remains ongoing, it may damage a marriage and the entire family beyond repair. Some of the more common conflicts include:

  • Communication problems/Arguing
  • Blended-family problems
  • Holiday pressures
  • Finances and Jobs
  • Birth of a baby
  • Moving to a new city or home
  • Opinions, values and needs of each parent or family member can change
  • Co-parenting children when couples are divorced or separated
  • Attention-Demanding Children
  • Differing parenting styles
  • Parent-Child Conflict
  • Lack of gratitude
  • Technology has taken over
  • In-Laws and Extended family

Treatment for the family begins with a family systems approach. We search together for the causes of the behavior, not in the individual alone, but in the interactions, both emotional and behavioral, among all the family members. Each family is unique in that each family has its own interactional system whose parts are continually shifting. Family member roles, rules, boundaries and the communication process are included in this system. Any change in the family situation or family member means readjustment of the entire system.
I strive to provide a safe environment so that these interactions can be explored and shifted in transformational ways, allowing each family member to feel heard and understood so that new communication tools can be used in future family interactions.